If you live anywhere along the coast of the United States, you've likely encountered one of the popular tour buses that doubles as a small boat, allowing tourists and sightseers to see the lay of the land and the view from the water all in one trip without getting up from their seats.

But imagine seeing a completely ordinary looking boat pull itself out of the water like some monstrous creature from the deep seas. Sound like a James Bond vehicle? Think again.

The vehicle in question is Hard Drive Marine's "Crawling Lander Craft", a 31-foot boat that is made to transport small terrestrial vehicles like ATVs, golf carts, etc., according to Outdoor Hub It moves vehicles with a swinging front ramp, but that ramp comes equipped with hydraulic spikes which can also be used to pull the boat from the water onto land.

According to its brochure on the Hard Drive Marine website, the hydraulic spikes are in place to allow for tidal adjustments, and can be done remotely. The video itself is a smash hit, with more than 158,000 views to date.

Granted, it takes a bit of time for the boat to pull itself completely out of the water, but hey, it beats having it be the captain's job.