One mother watched her worst nightmare come to life on surveillance video, according to Fox  8. 

The mother, Ryane Lamb, cried as she recalled watching a day care employee beat her son with a plastic scratcher, with no apparent provocation. "I could not believe ... Just looking at that, that this place even had the audacity to do that to my baby for no reason, he didn't deserve it at all," Lamb told Fox 8. 
Video surveillance at the Cedar Early Learning Center in Cleveland, Ohio, shows one employee hitting 2-year-old Amari Lamb over 20 times with the plastic object. Minutes later she is seen hitting him again as she drags him to a changing table, according to Fox 8. 

A second employee is seen in the video watching the woman hit the boy, but doing nothing to stop her.  This same employee is seen hitting a little girl with a plastic bat later in the video. The video was taken around 5 p.m on Oct. 16. Both employees were fired immediately, according to the Independent Journal. 

Fox 8 interviewed a former day care teacher, Myrna Clark, who expressed disgust at the actions of the teachers. "You're not supposed to hit these kids. And a 2-year-old? What could a 2-year-old possibly be doing?" Clark said to Fox 8. 

Octavia Manuel, the administrator of the day care center said she immediately fired the employees. "I'm glad I have recorders to catch things like this because you just never know," Manuel told Fox News 8. 

Warrants were filed against Melissa Tate and Tonya James on suspicion of child endangerment. Reporters were unable to reach the former employees for comment, according to the Independent Journal.