A cat owner recently found out his cat was leading a double life when the cat came home with a note attached to her collar.

The note said, "I don't know who this cat belongs to, but she comes visits us every few weeks. She'll meow outside our back door until we let her in."
After her secret family lets her in their house, the note revealed that Nala, "walks around the house like it's hers" and "waits @ the fridge" until she receives a serving of baloney, because she doesn't seem to be a fan of cat food.

While some people may not be open to visits from strange cats, the couple who Nala calls on enjoys her company.

"We look forward to her visits," the author of the note said. "We lost our 21 (year) old cat (in 2015)."

The boyfriend of Nala's owner, a Reddit user known as GoldenState, posted photos of Nala and the note online in a post titled, "My girlfriends cat came home with this note today." The images went viral, receiving more than 3 million views on Imgur and more than 5,000 upvotes on Reddit. 

Many users on the sites were touched by the note and wanted GoldenState and his girlfriend to get in touch with Nala's other family.

AwesomeSauce27 said on Reddit, "Write a note back! Have the cat deliver it."

Nala's story also prompted other users to share their own tales of cats with secret lives.

Some like Brainhack3r seemed ambivalent about their cats making house calls.

The user wrote on Reddit, "We used to have a cat like this ... stopped coming to our house so often. About 2 months later comes and visits us and is like 40% larger ... he's a boy so not pregnant. We think he found another house who just feeds him a lot more."

Others like Cd123 warned GoldenState and his girlfriend to be careful, "This is how I lost my cat. Cat permanently moved in with a lil old lady down the street."