Bandit's future seemed set in stone. Tethered against his will and caged inside a stable, Bandit was destined to be used for meat. That's until the folks at Gut Aiderbichl got wind of his predicament. 

Gut Aiderbichl is a multinational organization with a mission best encompassed by a statement from its founder, Michael Aufhauser: "Animals are not objects, but empathetic fellow creatures. They are capable of feeling pain — just as we are." It's his hope that large animals like Bandit can live their lives free of fear and stress, and it's this hope that drives Gut Aiderbichl to do more every day. 

After starting out with "only 25 animals" near the turn of the millennium, Gut Aiderbichl has now saved over 5,000 animals across its 25 sanctuaries. While Bandit's tale is just a small piece of the organization's story, the imagery captured during the mission made his tale go viral. 

Bandit, now freed from his shackles and released from his cage, couldn't help from performing his "freedom-dance," as One Green Planet calls it, for the folks who helped rescue him. 

If it seemed at this point that Bandit's story couldn't get any better, Gut Aiderbichl one-upped themselves with Bandit's introduction to a fellow slaughterhouse escapee, Michaela the cow. The bovine pair will spend the rest of their natural lives together at a Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary. The organization calls it a "match made in heaven."

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