Ari's Laboratory is a weekly science show on YouTube.  Each episode features a fun and exciting science-related demonstration, that cover everything from electricity and magnetism to fluid dynamics and sound.  Every episode ends with Ari using her devious contraptions to prank one of her co-workers.

In this episode, Ari demonstrates an experiment directly from her science kit.  Ari's Science Kit is an educational subscription box that gets delivered to Ari's Science Club members each month.  Each kit comes with instructions and materials to perform 5 different science experiments, along with detailed explanations and links to exclusive YouTube videos that help young scientists gain a comprehensive understanding of how the experiment works.  This box's theme was "The Mysterious Nature of Gas."

If you're interested in receiving instructions and materials to perform these experiments with your own budding scientist, make sure to join Ari's Science Club.

Join Ari's Science Club - Receive a monthly science kit that contains all the materials and instructions you need to perform 5 amazing experiments with your budding scientist.  Gain access to exclusive videos on additional science experiments for kids that you can perform with household items.