Here's a pleasant surprise — a person who stole a parking spot actually tried to make amends.

An unknown person slipped into a parking spot in a residential area that had assigned spots. Instead of having the parking-spot thief’s car towed, the inconvenienced party — writers seem to believe that it's a woman — left a note on the windshield of the car. 
It said, “Hey stranger, Because you were parked in my spot last night (and still are??), I got a ticket for street parking overnight w/out a permit. I’m broke. These are privately owned spots, and I could have you ticketed + towed. I won’t, but please don’t park in my spot again.” 

The parking thief tried to make up for his or her actions by giving the offended $100 and a response. 

“First I would like to apologize for parking in your spot,” the reply said. “It was irresponsible on my part and I would like to give this to you to pay for the ticket and whatever else you need. It can be tough around this time of year. Merry Christmas.”

Under the username Pemu, the evidence was presented: an image of the note and the money received on Imgur in a post titled “Xmas cheer.”

There was no word on whether the money covered the fine in its entirety, but users on Imgur were touched and amused by the post all the same.

An Imgur user who had one of the best responses said of the quirky happening, “Later you will accidentally meet this person, laugh, hug, fall in love and co-write a Hallmark Christmas movie about your experience.”