What a frightening way to start the day: Thea Wilson, 37, woke up one morning looking like she had gone 12 rounds in a boxing ring — her body covered in big purple bruises.

"I had no idea where these bruises had come from," Wilson of Burwarton, England, told the Mirror. "They were big and purple and all up my arms and legs."
Wilson had not been drinking the night before and had zero explanation for where the marks had come from, according to a report by the Mirror. When the bruises on her arms and legs did not fade or vanish, she went to visit doctors, who told her she had a blood platelet disorder.

But that diagnosis was not right either, and in December 2014 Wilson tried to run a 10K only to have to stop due to lack of energy. She visited physicians again who ultimately took a bone marrow sample from her and came back with staggering results: Wilson had acute promyelocytic leukemia, a condition that affects only about 1 in every 250,000 people in the United States, according to Genetics Home Reference.

Within 24 hours of the diagnosis, Wilson was undergoing chemotherapy, four cycles at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Six months later, she had entered molecular remission, the Mirror reported.