There are plenty of people who choose to write their own obituaries, but few read quite like the one attributed to 94-year-old Wilma Marie Voliva Black. The no-holds-barred retelling of her life resulted in the News & Observer newspaper in North Carolina taking it down following family concerns that some of the events in it weren't entirely accurate.

Among other highlights, Black's obituary told of her ex-husband's pressuring her into eloping to cover up an "affair with their minister's wife," being forced move to an assisted living facility by her son, and the kicker of it all, a closing line that reads: "She died alone on Dec. 22 and was buried after Dave and his mistress returned from their Dec. 25 vacation trip to Oregon," according to a report by ABC 11 News.

The original obituary, with a story headline describing it as 'brutally honest," also calls into question how many grandchildren Black actually had, reading "Black is survived by five children and 16 'known' grandchildren," according to a report by the Houston Chronicle.

But the biggest barbs are saved for the son who moved her to a Knightdale, N.C., assisted living facility in 2012, with the obit reading: "There he attributed her inability to take care for herself to her lack of effort rather than the level of assistance and care she received. Family concern that she was being neglected was brushed aside. The location was convenient to his work and home. She told him, 'This is not living, it's existing.' "