Here's a few ideas to try.

1. Papier-mache bowls 
To make a cute decorative bowl out of your old newspapers, all you need is flour and water (to make papier-mache paste), a bowl (to use as a mold) and some newspaper strips. You dip the newspaper strips in the papier-mache paste and wrap them around the bowl. When the strips dry, they will have hardened into a bowl. Gently remove your new bowl from the mold, and you’re all set to decorate it with paint or decoupage.


2. Newspaper wall art
If you’re into mixed media art, newspaper wall art is visually intriguing and super simple to make. You only need newspaper clippings, canvas, glue and paint. Glue the newspaper clippings onto the canvas, add a few splashes of paint and you’re done.

3. Newspaper basket 
A newspaper basket is a neat accent piece. It’s made by taking strips of newspaper and weaving them into, well, a basket. Once you’re done weaving, you finish things off by adding a couple of staples and tape to the top to secure things.


4. Newspaper bride's bouquet 
Whether you’re a news junkie, new radical or tree hugger, a bouquet made out of newspaper might be just the thing you need at your wedding to shake things up. It’ll definitely get people talking.  


5. DIY print candles 
You can give pillar candles an air of sophistication and flair just by adding newsprint to them. To add the newsprint, you cut a newspaper strip to the size of the candle, wrap it around the candle and use a hair dryer to heat the wrapped candle. The heat from the blow dryer will cause the ink to lift off of the paper onto the candle.

6. Newspaper-rolls bowl
If you need a nice little bowl to put change in or toss your keys into, you can make a bowl out of newspaper. Newspaper strips are tightly rolled, then coiled to form this bowl. For a brightly colored bowl, use sections of the paper that have lots of photos. 

7. Newspaper wallpaper 
If you’re looking for a way to decorate on the cheap, newspaper wallpaper may just be your savior. Pasting newspaper on the walls of a bare room is eclectic and an instant conversation piece, plus if your guests are bored, they can entertain themselves for a while by reading your wall.

8. Newspaper woven chair 
Once you’ve gotten making newspaper-roll bowls down, if you have a lot of time to commit, you might want to try your hand at making something more complex out of newspaper. This chair is a great example.

9. Newspaper Easter wreath 
A newspaper Easter wreath is a nice understated way to celebrate the holiday. The newspaper eggs on this three-dimensional wreath are made by wrapping newspaper strips around plastic eggs. 


10. Easy newspaper gift bags
Gift bags made out of old newspaper is genius. You get to make neat looking bags to hold the gifts you give. Some people might remember the bag more than the gift.


11. Newspaper pendant 
This newspaper pendant is a shade for a paper lantern. When you cover the light source with the shade, it gives a golden glow to the newspaper and illuminates the text. 

12. Newspaper chandelier 
This newspaper chandelier is similar to the newspaper pendant. If you hung it up over your dining room table, it would definitely be an instant conversation piece. 


13. DIY newspaper prom dress 
A prom dress made out of newspaper is the ultimate in creativity, thriftiness and nonconformity. A 16-year-old reader of The Province, a newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia, made this prom dress out of newspaper.