An Arkansas teen leaves hospital staff scratching their heads — and suppressing the heebie-jeebies — when he shows them the cause of his ear pain.

In a grimace-inducing turn of events, Saline County resident Grant Botti, 14, can boast that he has made Saline Memorial Hospital history. KARK 's 2015 report explains that Grant woke to a sharp pain in his ear and, after exploring, yanked the source of his discomfort from his ear canal. 
The culprit? A 4-inch centipede.


Angela Botti, the teen's mother, tells reporters that she put the creature in a plastic bag and drove both Grant and his unwelcome guest to Saline Memorial for treatment. Doctors found several abrasions in the teen's ear canal and eardrum, which they then covered with a bandage. Grant is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.

The Bottis have yet to determine exactly how the centipede managed to find its way into Grant's ear, but Botti tells KARK that the family had recently been to the beach.

When asked about this incident, hospital staff reveal that they have dislodged a wide variety of objects from patients' ears over the years, but they have never before pulled out a centipede. This skin-crawling moment is surely one they'll never forget.