What happens when your house cat decides he has the heart of a snow leopard? One cat owner grabbed a video camera, and the result is earning millions of YouTube hits. 

Cats are known to detest water, so watching a cat expertly navigate a snow challenge seems quite a stretch. However, nothing — not even a high pile of snow — can stand between 14-year-old tabby Plume and his dinner. When this fearless feline from Gaspé, Québec, hears his dinner is served, he comes charging through the high pile of snow at the door.
"Plume had made this entrance before then," said Plume's owner Ann Got, who posted the video. "I was thinking he can make it again, and then, after some more snow, he did it again,"

The video was picked up by The Weather Channel and posted on weather.com, where digital meteorologist Chris Dolce added that Plume's dinnertime challenge stemmed from a February 2015 storm that left Gaspé covered in at least 22 inches of snow.

Got wants all to know that Plume did indeed do his own snow stunts.

"I have been surprised (by) the funny reaction, but we have had some people say he was thrown through, which he was definitely not," Got said. "He's just a very straightforward cat."