If you've gone through puberty, you've experienced blackheads: annoying, gross, frustrating, but ultimately tiny and largely harmless. But not for one woman.

A patient of Dr. Sandra Lee, a dermatologist who goes by the handle Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube, recently found out the hard way that not all blackheads are small and not all of them rise to the surface, according to a report by The Mirror.
The wildest thing about this case for Lee, an interesting Southern California celebrity if there ever was one, is that she didn't even know she was dealing with a blackhead until well into the surgical procedure. The unnamed patient had come to the office to try and get an explanation about a cyst under the skin of her upper lip, according to The Mirror.

A few incisions later and Lee was removing the cyst, about the size of an American dime, from the woman's face. A quick assessment of the cyst revealed it to be a blackhead that had never risen to the surface of the skin. It was, however, sent to be tested, as was noted in the video.

Blackheads are the common name for open clogged hair follicles, according to Healthline. When the clogged follicles are sealed by skin or skin debris, they become pimples (whiteheads).

Warning: The following video is graphic in nature.