It's amazing how much a security camera system can catch these days. For the Haskett family of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, it let them nab a suspect after their beloved family dog was taken from their home.

The Hasketts' favorite four-legged friend is a 9-year-old, long-haired German shepherd named Partner. Their dog went missing one afternoon, but the family's home security system revealed a woman appearing time and again that day, first petting Partner when he was tied up outside, then seeking a way to enter the family home, eventually breaking a window and swiping the dog, according to an April 2014 story by Northern Life.

The family used social media to advertise that their dog was missing, got lots of tips, and began driving through the area where the dog had been spotted, finally locating a woman walking the dog, who had been shaved down completely. 

In a video that has since gone viral, the Hasketts jump out of the car and confront the woman who vehemently denies stealing the animal, even when the police arrive.

A trip to the family vet confirmed Partner's identity and he was allowed to return home, according to the Northern Life story. The woman, Heather Zeffer, received a suspended sentence and probation in November 2014, after pleading guilty to a lesser charge, reported The conditions of the probation included staying away from the dog's owners and that she get counseling.
And the dog owners made sure to let their social media backers know everything worked out.

"Losing a family member isn't easy and the past few days have been hard on all of us, especially Partner who doesn't want to leave our side now," Neil Haskett posted on Facebook. "We're also so happy with all the people that supported us and we're all relieved."