Despite hailing from a nation famous for its exotic wildlife, an Australian man was shocked to witness a large reptile scale his screen door with a squealing bunny still in its jaws, according to a Daily Mail report.  

Malcolm Thom lives in Sydney, where human encounters with local wildlife are not all that rare.  Thom told the Daily Mail that he's observed all sorts of animals on his property, including pythons, echidnas, wallabies, and turkeys.  

He's even caught a glimpse or two of the thing that was on his door. Aussies call them "goannas," a catchall phrase for a type of Australian monitor lizard of which there are several species.  “I see goannas each summer as they are here to steal the eggs off our brush turkey’s mound," Thom told the Daily Telegraph in January 2016.  “They’re mad climbers."  

Thom knows this because the goanna that scaled his door was only a few feet away, as he was in the kitchen feeding his 19-year-old dog, Poppy.  “His claws were tearing at the wire," Thom said.  "I thought it’d break and he’d come inside right on top of me."

Instead, Thom grabbed a yard rake which he used to pry the lizard from the door. As it fell it released its catch, which "hobbled" to safety. “Luckily for the rabbit, the goanna had him by the leg, not by the head," he said.

But Thom himself was not out of trouble just yet.  The lizard, which Thom estimated to be roughly the size of his screen door, turned around and came right at him. "I thought he was going to go straight up me," Thom told the Daily Mail. Luckily, he was able to use the rake as a tool to fend off the huge reptile, which eventually crawled back into the brush.