Mother Kelly Lewis didn't see the strange shape in her ultrasound picture until a friend pointed it out years later. According to "Today," Lewis' daughter Harper is now 3 years old, but her ultrasound image has only recently caught the attention of millions. 

When Lewis showed a friend the image, he noticed something peculiar, what appeared to be the upper body and profile of an angel, blowing a kiss over the still-developing fetus. Scroll down below to see if you can see it. 

"It was when I showed my friend later that day — he pointed it out to me," Lewis said. "From then on, everyone has been fascinated with it."

Not lost on Lewis is the fact that she named her daughter Harper — someone who plays the harp, and that it is an instrument often attributed to angels, according to "Today."

"Harper is a very well-behaved little girl," Lewis said in the "Today" account. "She has a warm-hearted, caring, and helpful personality — always polite and kind, and very sweet and innocent. She also has the sweetest smile — it's very angelic. I am truly blessed to have her."

Thousands of people each year believe they see religious signs and symbols in everyday items, including a 2015 Mexican woman who claims she witnessed the face of Jesus appear in a tortilla as she cooked it one morning, according to Fusion.