Rosie O'Donnell has taken to social media in an attempt to reconnect with estranged daughter Chelsea, who ran away from home last summer and is now living with a boyfriend. Check out the below for the ad that was posted. 
The 18-year-old Chelsea O'Donnell ran away from home about four months ago, but was on Instagram herself recently, trying to sell her dog and an iPod Nano, according to a report from Yahoo News.

This is the ad of Chelsea trying to sell her dog: 


All things considered, the post below seems a bit more stable for the younger O'Donnell, who disappeared in August of 2015, then was found living with 25-year-old Steven Sheerer, a convicted heroin dealer she had met on Tinder. 

The former co-host of "The View," O'Donnell posted a photo of herself and Chelsea in happier times with the hashtag #comeONkid via Instagram, along with a parable about people begging God to save them in a flood, and God sending boats to bring them to safety. See below for the post: 


Chelsea was adopted by O'Donnell as a baby, but recently made contact with her birth mother, Deanna Micoley, who claimed Chelsea was "stolen" from her when she was 20 years old.

"I was married to a guy, Lance, who was into the drug situation and he shot me up with heroin and had me sign away my rights," Micoley told The Daily Mail. "It took a long time for me to come to some understanding about it. You have your daughter for two months and then she's just ripped from you ... it's hard."