They say hard work pays off, but 17-year-old Garret Wayman may be having doubts about that.

Wayman is a waiter at a restaurant in Wichita, Kan., and a full-time student — you could say he has his hands full. Understandably, when Wayman caught a glimpse of a $20 bill left as a tip on a table he waited, he was thrilled. "Getting a $20 tip at the restaurant I work at is very, very rare," he told Tech Insider in December 2015.
Very rare, indeed. When Wayman went to pick up the tip he realized it wasn't real money, rather it was a pamphlet promoting Christianity. "Don't be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money!" the insert read. On the backside, there was a wall of text that tries to convince the reader "there is a void in your life that can only be filled by God."

Wayman says he makes $3 an hour, so the tip would have been much appreciated. It also would have helped chip away at the 17-year-old's debt. Alas, there was no tip or thoughtful note to go with it, just propaganda from a customer.

Wayman's tweet was retweeted nearly 6,000 times. One user even chimed in and offered to send him $20, but the 17-year-old declined. He simply just wanted to share his story.

Though the customer may have had good intentions, their act of deceit was anything but virtuous.