An Imgur user who goes by firefighting128 shares his miraculous story of survival after being involved in a nearly fatal car accident. According to Imgur, the man was driving home along a highway in February 2015 when an accident ahead of him brought him to an abrupt stop. He looked in his rear-view mirror to see a semi truck speeding toward him. He only had time to turn his steering wheel before the truck hit. (Watch video below for full details.)

The maneuver was not enough to get him out of the way of the semi, which hit him at an unforgiving speed of 65 mph. But the turned wheels directed his car off the road so that he wasn't crushed entirely by the truck. The driver and his vehicle were thrown into a ravine, where it took 17 minutes for first responders to find him and another 60 minutes to extract him. He also notes in his post that temperature was only 12 degrees Fahrenheit when the crash occurred. 


After being freed from his mangled vehicle, the driver was flown by helicopter to the hospital, where he was treated for the many injuries he had sustained. 

Perhaps the most miraculous part about the entire event is what the man discovered on seeing his vehicle weeks later. The driver's gas tank and spare tire remained intact. If that had not been the case, the vehicle could have easily burst into flames, and the man would have died.

Watch the video below for more.