When the weather outside gets frightful, there's nothing more delightful than finding ways to beat the frigid conditions and all the troubles they can bring. Here are 10 of our favorite winter life hacks:

1. Colds are a surefire way to feel miserable during the winter months, but there's a great way to clear your sinuses while getting clean. Fill an ice cube tray with a mix of baking soda, cornstarch, VapoRub and water. Freeze for a couple hours. When feeling under the weather, grab a cube, hit the shower, and let the hot water and VapoRub work  their sinus-clearing magic.

2. Cooking spray on a shovel? That's right, next time you have to shovel snow in your driveway, spray the shovel down with cooking spray and the snow will slide right off.

3. If you want to ride your bike during winter weather, lace zip ties on your tires to get more grip on icy surfaces.

4. To avoid chilly, wet feet when walking through snow and ice, put a sandwich bag on each of your socks before putting your shoes on. 

5. If dry skin is your bane in the winter, try shorter showers in lukewarm temperatures.

6. You know that Friday night pizza you make every week? When the timer sounds, turn the oven off, then leave the door open. That extra heat will warm up the house.

7. Flip your ceiling fan's setting to counterclockwise and put it on a low. This will push warm air to the floor.

8. Park your car facing east at night if at all possible. The morning's rising sun will help remove the ice from your car quicker.

9. Use your glove compartment as a sock storage hub. That way you'll always have an extra pair.

10. When your windshield freezes over, use a CD to pick it clean.