Scarves have become a must in accents for women's clothing, but Brisa from brisagasilva, a Brazilian who shares makeup and lifestyle tips, takes scarves a step further and makes them the outfits themselves. Very much reminiscent of how the Hawaiian's tie sarongs, Brisa creatively creates a variety of looks using various sizes of scarves.
With a square-shape scarf, Brisa creates several different styles of tops, some with necklines and some without. To add a little extra to her outfit, she uses a necklace to make the neckline with several of the tops, and others are made completely of the scarf itself. Out of a long, rectangular scarf that most women would use as an accent piece around their neck, she styles a halter top. With a scarf the size of a sarong, she creates a pair of shorts and a top or a faux jacket, and a large sarong-size scarf gets styled into either a fancy dress or what looks like a skirt and top outfit. 

Each piece simply requires that you tie the scarf the right way. The tutorial below walks you through the steps for each look. The next time you look in your closet and say you have nothing to wear, look at your scarves and see what you can fashion from them. 

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Posted by Make-Up & Hair Tutorials on Thursday, January 14, 2016