A would-be robber didn't get very far when he broke his ankle trying to escape after he attempted to steal a man's phone in Boston, according to a YouTube video by Rikki Tikki

The man, identified as Wavey, was running from a man he had just stolen a phone from at knifepoint, when he made a bad jump and "broke his ankle," according to Rikki Tikki. 
In the video, the man filming tells Wavey to toss the knife he used to rob him on the ground, and can also be heard telling another off-screen man that the kid tried to steal his phone.

The would-be thief can be heard crying, "On my mother's grave I threw it," and repeating "my ankle," in a pained voice multiple times, according to Rikki Tikki. 

The man filming the video threatens to call the cops but eventually leaves the would-be thief to fend for himself, according to the video. 

The video, originally posted on Vidme, has been viewed just over 200,000 times in three days and many viewers think the would-be thief got what he deserved. 

"Serves him right," tester999 wrote on Vidme. 

Samba Schutte took a more cynical approach, "This is America. Now the thief will sue him for not being able to run away cleanly after stealing his phone, and for losing his knife," according to Vidme. 

There is no information about whether he has been caught by police.