It's no secret women have powerful, deep connections to one another. 

Erica Hill of CBS News spoke with two women in Salisbury, England, who met in the hospital when giving birth to their first daughters, and three and a half years later, gave birth to two more baby girls on the exact same day.
If that weren't extraordinary enough, the women gave birth within five minutes of each other. 

"I was a bit stunned," Hannah King told Hill. 

"I suppose it was my fault because Oralie arrived early and Chiara was a bit late so she was allowed to be born," joked King. 

Hannah King and Paola Campari-Moss bonded in the hospital and quickly became best friends, discovering shared interests and similar parenting styles. 

"We are very lucky," Campari-Moss told Hill. "We're both very strong minded so we both click on that level." 

Hill recounts the story of King going into labor for the second time in 2010 and texting Campari-Moss, only to discover her friend was also in the hospital. 

"This is just wild for it to happen not just once but twice, especially because as I understand the second time around your due dates were about two and a half weeks apart," said Hill. 

The remarkable occurrence has made not only King and Campari-Moss close, but also their older daughters, who have shared their first three birthday parties. 

Of their youngest, King said, "They'll probably be spending a lot of time together so I imagine that will generally lead to a friendship. They don't seem to mind each other at the moment but then they are only nine weeks old." 

King and Campari-Moss aren't the only friends to have, together, experienced the miracle of birth. 

The Times Tribute recently reported a story of best friends who met before their first birthdays and both gave birth to their own children on Jan. 4, 2016. 

According to The Times Tribute, the girls' mothers are best friends. Perhaps King and Campari-Moss' daughters will share a similar fate.