Whitney Anderson was in for quite the surprise when she checked her bank account following a meal out with the family. In October of 2015, Anderson, her husband, and their three children had dinner at Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant in Roanoke, Va., according to WSLS 10. The day after, Anderson's bank account showed that she had spent more at Abuelo's than she thought. 
Anderson, who's waited tables for more than a decade, returned to the restaurant to get to the bottom of the issue. "It was $45.50 and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50," she told WSLS. However, $65 had been withdrawn from her bank account. She sought out the manager of the restaurant and demanded to see the receipt. That's when she made the discovery.

The family's waitress appeared to have forged Anderson's signature and added a $20 tip. The receipt that the manager handed over was the customer's copy, which led Anderson to believe that the waitress threw away the merchant's copy that she had filled out. "She forged a signature that isn't even my name and tipped herself $10 extra," the mother of three wrote in a Facebook post.

Originally, the manager told Anderson he would work on getting her $10 back, though it may take up to 10 business days, WSLS reported. Anderson didn't feel the situation was being taken seriously enough, so she took to social media to bring the issue to light. After her Facebook post garnered attention, management reached out to her yet again and offered to pay for the whole meal.

Anderson not only wanted justice to be served, but she also wanted to warn fellow patrons about this issue. "I'm so angry that a server did this and who knows how Many times she's done this and stole money from customers!" she exclaimed on Facebook.

Facebook users were appreciative of Anderson's caution. Many stated that they would no longer visit Abuelo's. Others urged the mother to press charges.