A couple of abandoned dogs lost everything they had except each other, says 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades, Florida.   

Booboo and Bambi were found huddled together in a busy parking lot after their owner presumably deposited them there and then drove away. The animal rescue volunteers soon learned from passers-by that the pair was bonded, meaning they wouldn't leave each other's side. Apparently they were so frightened, they had become aggressive toward some who had tried to approach them. 
So rescuers baited the dogs with some food, and pretty quickly were able to bag Booboo. But his partner took off into the woods and spent the night there. When animal rescue went back to look for Bambi in the morning, they brought Booboo along to see if she would respond to his presence. It worked; she appeared immediately and jumped in the car.  

Rescuers say they're desperate to get the dogs out of the kennel, because as you can see from the pictures and in the video below, Booboo and Bambi are still pretty inseparable. 

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