It's common for families to compare faces and delight -- or despair -- in strong resemblances. There's something inherently reassuring about being immediately identifiable as a member of a certain family. What's curious is why members of certain families seem to resemble each other more strongly than other families, and why identifiable traits seem to occasionally skip a generation.

Because babies share 50 percent of their DNA with each parent and sibling, there is almost an endless number of gene combinations. What emerges is partly a game of chance and partly a matter of genetic dominance -- which genes are passed is the random part, and how they partner up and interact with each other is an invisible dance taking place within our DNA. 

But we all play the guessing game: Will the baby have the family's distinctive height, red hair, or brown eyes? There's no way to tell for sure ahead of time, but you can learn a little about the genetic numbers game to narrow your guess. 

Check out the 10 photos below for some amazing examples of striking family resemblances over various generations:

1. Great-grandmother and great-granddaughter

The face shape, nose, and mouth all look similar.


2. Mother and daughter

This particular resemblance is just uncanny.


3. Great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandson


Can you tell the difference? 

4. 3 generations of women

What's amazing is that the resemblance can happen across generations. 


For instance, can you tell these babies apart?

5. Father and son

You might be spooked to know these are different people. Some commenters of these photos have said, "This is a xerox copy." 


6. Father and daughter

Sometimes the resemblance can happen across genders, like this one: 


7. Grandmother and granddaughter


8. Father and daughter


9. Grandfather and grandson

Source Unknown

10. Grandfather and grandson


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