There are blogs about news and blogs about dogs and blogs about almost any hobby you can think of. Matt Fray's blog is personal -- very personal. When you are reading his blog, you are in his world, and he makes no apologies. Its tagline is: "I'm single. I'm divorced. I'm a father. I make bad decisions. This is my journal."

One of Fray's recent posts, titled "She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink," has female readers sharing it with their friends, boyfriends, and husbands by email, Facebook, and even good old-fashioned printouts lovingly tucked under a pillow. The post describes how Fray, 36, and his now ex-wife would often quibble over a glass not put into the dishwasher, and his current understanding that the problem was never about the glass, but about "acknowledgment, respect, validation, and (my) love."

The post has received over 3,300 comments, many of them thanking Fray for so clearly illustrating an issue that they are dealing with in their own relationships:

heretic: "Matt – Mr MBTTTR – You are a GENIUS. This is exactly the story of me and my ex! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"

Amethyst: "This is exactly what it means to MANDERSTAND!"

Anonymous: "Best marriage article ever written."

The blog is called "Must Be This Tall to Ride." Fray, who is 5'9", explains that it's "a metaphor for not being good enough. And when I launched this blog, I felt that way." The blog describes his attempts to be a good person, friend, and father -- attempts that sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. "But, big-picture? I'm tall enough. And so are you."