A woman and her passenger were driving down the street when an uninvited guest just appears on the hood of their car. Eventually the guest, which was a small green frog, makes its way up to the windshield area.

The car occupants, who are not visible in the dashcam-recorded video, don’t seem to know how to respond to the frog. The lady driving sounds like she is shrieking and laughing at the same time, while her passenger is laughing nervously.

If it seems like an abundance of frogs are appearing on your property out of thin air, try to get rid of them using natural methods. 

The first step in dealing with an out-of-control frog population is to figure out which type of frog with which you are dealing. According to WikiHow, some frogs may be endangered and protected by the government. Killing a protected or endangered species can lead to stiff penalties and fines.  

Once you've figured out which type of frog is being a nuisance, introduce predators such as snakes and cats to control the frog population. To discourage the frogs from coming near your house or yard, keep trees and other plants manicured and well-maintained. Also, remove any standing water from your property and keep it well-sealed by making sure you have screened windows and doors.