Early polls in New Hampshire show GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with an 11 percent lead, at 29 percent of the projected votes, over presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who has about 18 percent of the likely votes, according to CNN

These numbers come after a win by Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1. Cruz took 28 percent of the votes in Iowa, Trump took 24 percent and Rubio took 23 percent. Polls have Cruz with 13 percent of the votes in New Hampshire, according to CNN. 

CNN Political Director David Chalian told Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room" that the Iowa caucus has affected predicted numbers in New Hampshire. Numbers projected in late January saw Trump leading with 30 percent of potential votes, Cruz in second with 12 percent and Rubio in third with 11 percent. New numbers from early February show Trump ahead with a projected 30 percent of the vote, Rubio in second with a projected 18 percent and Cruz in third with a projected 13 percent, according to CNN.

On the Democratic side, the most recent poll puts Sanders ahead of Clinton by 20 points in the upcoming New Hampshire primary, according to NBC News. Polls suggest that Sanders has 58 percent of the Democrat vote, while Clinton takes about 38 percent, according to NBC. Polls suggest that Sanders also leads over Clinton among independent voters (roughly 70 percent to 25 percent). 

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat, suspended his campaign Feb. 1 after a poor showing in Iowa. 

New Hampshire voters head to the polls for their primary election on Feb. 9. The Democrat caucus in Nevada and the South Carolina Republican primary take place Feb. 20, with the Republican caucus in Nevada on Feb. 23 and the Democrat primary in South Carolina on Feb. 27, according to Election Central