In a recent video posted by Love What Matters, “What a great teacher looks like,” a teacher shows that he really knows how to defuse a tense situation.

In the video, which was posted to Facebook, a Caucasian male teacher attempts to calm a male African-American student who is ready to fight another student who is taunting him off camera.

To calm the student, the teacher tries to get the teen to focus on him and not the source of the aggravation. 

He says, “I’m the only one here. Look at me. Look at me. Hey Donald, you are better than that son. Relax. Relax. I’m right here. You are better than that. Let’s get out of this environment and let’s be chill. Let’s get out of here and go chill out.”

Many Facebook users appreciated the teacher’s patience and fatherly approach to handling the situation. 

Lilyandra Amasio said, “Do you know how many fights could have been prevented when I was in school if teachers took the time to diffuse the situation instead of yell over the fight or ignore it until it gets physical? Not all teachers are bad, they just don't have the time and energy to put into an overcrowded class. Teachers don't get paid nearly enough as they should. This teacher is a great example of a caring human being.” 

What a great teacher looks like. <3 #LoveWhatMattersVideo courtesy of Steven Jo

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, February 3, 2016