A New York Times article recently reported that city dwellers were generally more depressed than their suburb- and country-dwelling counterparts. When you consider that more and more people are moving into cities these days, it's reasonable to expect depression rates to rise unless we find ways to make those cities a bit greener.

Enter Jason Hodges and his homemade grass daybed. Hodges was always one of those people who loved to sit on the grass at the park and watch the day go by. But living in a concrete jungle doesn't afford many opportunities for sensory contact with nature. This was a problem for Hodges.

His solution was to create a bed made out of grass that he could fit in his small backyard. After piecing together the frame, he put a long flower bed he created at the top of the baseboard. This is essential, Hodges says, because you need something to protect the grass from the sun.  

The next step is to lay the soil, making sure it's super compact in order to retain moisture. Use fertilizer if you want. Then roll out your grass, and you're pretty much good to go. 

Well, maybe there are a few other steps in the process that I didn't mention. Fortunately, you can watch the clip below to get the full scoop from Hodges himself.