A dedicated cat owner uses his feline roommates Cole and Marmalade to demonstrate a few tips designed to make life easier for pet owners and more entertaining for their furry friends.

While some tips on the YouTube video cover more practical information for owners, such as removing cat hair from furniture and refreshing cat toys, others focus on cat amusement. This includes making a pretty clever cat cave. From the reaction of the two video stars, that project earns big points as a both a hideaway and pouncing launchpad. 
Chris Poole, a former media producer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., owns and produces his cats Cole and Marmalade's videos, but in his previous vocation worked with larger cats, such as tigers and lions. Poole hopes their videos help people with their smaller felines, telling Modern Cat magazine that creating engaging activities helps both cats and owners.

"The main thing I've learned from them — from house cats to tigers and lions I've helped care for — is that you should make the most out of every day," Poole said. "Sure cats don't have to worry about the future and things like investments and finances, but even though we're burdened with stuff like that, we still need to appreciate the little things in life — which for cats is a cardboard box or a few cat treats or a bird in the trees outside to watch!"

If your cats act out due to boredom, or just need a little extra activity, Poole provides creative inspiration. After all, what cat doesn't need a homemade whack-a-mouse game?