Marchi Mobile is a company that according to its site "represents exclusivity and extravagance that needs no explanation." According to over 190 countries, the company has succeeded in its goal by creating the eleMMent Palazzo Superior, the most luxurious motor home around. The below video was posted in November 2013 and has had over 10 million hits since that time.
The eleMMent Palazzo Superior is touted by the company as being a combination of the best attributes from "motor-sports, aviation and yachting." The cab and body are styled after sports cars. Although the cockpit received its inspiration from jet cockpits and its windshield design mimics a helicopter's windshield, the motor home is supposed to handle like a high-end limousine. 

This kind of innovation and styling comes with an appropriate price tag. According to James Edition, an online site for buying and selling luxury items, the price tag on this motor home is $3.1 million. This price buys you a Sky Lounge, a walled-in deck that lifts automatically out of the roof of the motor home. Marchi also has designed the floor space to make the living quarters feel spacious. The master bedroom has a king-size bed that is covered in fine Italian bedding, and a spa is attached to the bedroom.

With a price tag of $3.1 million, not everyone is going to be driving around in an eleMMent Palazzo Superior, so those who own one join the ranks of the elite. This motor home, with its unusual styling will definitely turn heads when it pulls into a campsite to park for the night, and the neighbors may come knocking for a private tour of the inside.