Tommy O'Connor, a senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, Calif., put his money where his mouth is when he returned a wallet he found filled with $2,300 in cash in September, according to a 2015 CBS Local

O'Connor's family lives on a fixed income, but despite not having enough cash to purchase a lunch the day before, he immediately turned the wallet in to a school adviser, CBS reported. 

On Sept. 1, O'Connor walked across the street from his school to a 7-Eleven to purchase a drink for himself and his brother. That's where he found the wallet. 

"It was like a bunch of hundreds ... I didn't count it when I saw it, I just saw it, it was like 'Oh this is probably somebody's rent or something,' " O'Connor told reporters at CBS. 

Tommy's dad told reporters that he was pleased that his son turned the money in. "I'm just proud that he did the right thing, and hopefully all of my children would have done the same thing," Ron O'Connor told CBS. 

Tommy said that he didn't think he did anything special. "I'm just doing something ... I wish everyone else would do," he said, according to CBS. 

The wallet belonged to a veteran who left O'Connor $50 as a thank-you for turning in the wallet. 

The Japanese Red Cross created a video to see what little kids would do if they saw an adult drop their wallet. The short film has been viewed over 4 million times since May and needs no subtitles to show that the under-10 crowd has no problem being honest too.