Tired of what she considers an overt sexualization of little girls' clothing, one Queensland mother took to social media to fight back. The resulting discussion erupted in Australian and international media.
Nikita Friedman became frustrated when shopping for clothes for her 1-year-old daughter at local store Big W. She compared a pair of girls' shorts next to the same size of boys' shorts. The girls' shorts obviously fit much more narrowly and expose more of a child's legs with the shorter length.

“Little girls shorts in a size 1 next to little boys shorts in a size 1," the Facebook post reads. "Why on earth does my 1 year old need to have shorts so short that her nappy is hanging out???” 

Friedman continued to update her posts, noting her disgust, while views of her thoughts started growing. She noted that the short inseams in the shorts for young girls showed a lack of concern for self-respect and protection against sun damage.

“The simple fact is that numbers talk and maybe seeing 1600 parents agree with my post after only 5 hours might make Big W stand up and listen for once to what parents want,” the mother wrote in an additional post five hours later.
The store did respond to Friedman's posting on their site, stating that they take customers' opinions seriously. Store personnel asked Friedman to message them privately to further discuss the issue.

“We're all just trying to be the best parents we can," Friedman writes.  "I want to teach my child about self respect, modesty and confidence from a young age, and set standards now for what my expectations of her will be in the future.”