While parents may lament how children seem unable to put down their devices or are glued to the Internet, for one 12-year-old a fateful trip onto YouTube to research Michael Jackson turned into a game-changing experience.


Adilyn Malcolm has never had any formal dance training. In fact, she is a motocross racer. But after stumbling upon a video of someone dancing to dubstep, she found a second passion.  "I am actually a motorcross racer, but when I'm not on my bike, this is the next best thing!" she said in a report by the Huffington Post.

YouTube provider Fusion has highlighted Adilyn's amazing, self-taught abilities. She spends hours watching dancers move, reviewing videos over and over until she can break down the steps and turn it into her own. These types of dance moves are not typically taught in traditional dance classes, but with the help of the Internet, Adilyn is fast becoming a sensation, according to Fusion.

For the uninformed, dubstep is a way of dancing to electronically created music that is prompted by an ever-changing bass line. Actual steps are not the intent of the music, according to About Dance Music, but rather movements in space.

Adilyn has recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel to audition for "America's Got Talent!"