Firefighters in Pana, Ill., made a skin-crawling discovery in a home and ultimately decided to do a controlled burn of the house on South Maple Street. The decision was made following a Pana City Council meeting in September of 2010, according to the Pana News-Palladium. The reason for the controlled burn? The house was infested with German cockroaches.  

Orkin says that German cockroaches prefer warm, moist environments and are known to reproduce quickly. The unoccupied home on South Maple Street essentially became a breeding ground for the insects. A glimpse inside the home shows that the property was riddled with the roaches. 

Because these types of roaches are known to burrow and thus could potentially escape the fire, firefighters built what appeared to be a ditch around the home. This "ring of fire" would prevent the insects from escaping to nearby properties.

In October of 2010, the Pana house, located just two blocks from a nearby park, went up in flames. A number of firefighters were on site to ensure that the process went smoothly. 

If you ever find yourself dealing with an overwhelming cockroach infestation, apparently the best thing to do is call your local fire department.