Patriotism aside, Gizmo the cat isn't in the mood for the company of two bald eagles on his porch in this March 2014 video.

"Oh, Gizzy," Gizmo's owner Pam Aus is heard saying on the video. "It's your friend, Gizzy." 
Gizmo's response came in the form of an unfriendly tone, causing the eagle to slowly step away, before retreating to the other side of the porch.

This isn't the first encounter Gizmo and fellow cat Suitcase have had with the eagles. According to a 2012 article chronicling an earlier meeting, Unalaska, Alaska, resident Aus reports more than 850 eagles live in the area.

"The eagle couple claimed a lamppost across the street from my house," she said. "They will come over and sit on my porch. Or they'll just sit there and watch my cats."

Gizmo's inhospitable attitude may serve him well, especially if the neighbors' visit involved dinner. Eagles hunt a variety of prey, including fish, waterfowl and, yes, occasionally mammals.