If you see this tiny home on wheels on the road, you might assume it's inhabited by gypsy pirates on their way to a steampunk convention. You'd be wrong, but not by much: Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder aren't pirates, but they do live a gypsy-like lifestyle, traveling the country to work on movie sets (she designs them, he builds them) in what looks like a steamer trunk on wheels. 

The couple was tired of living in hotel rooms for months at a time, and decided to build a portable house. They pooled their creative talents using materials discarded from movie sets. Shaped like a steamer trunk on the outside, one can only wonder what it's like on the inside. "You almost expect it to be dark and sort of mysterious on the inside as well," Chloe told New Hampshire Public Radio in September 2015, "but I kind of wanted it to look like a jewelry box or Fabergé egg."

View the photos and WMUR video below for a tour of this unconventional home.

Rope pulleys raise the roof of the home to begin the conversion from travel mode to live-in mode, a process that takes about an hour.

With all of the pop-outs extended and the windows installed, the home has 400 square feet of funky living space.

The loft bedroom is accessed via ladder.

Most of their furnishings are from the movie sets that Chloe designs and Brandon builds. When filming is finished, they reuse the things that are useful instead of discarding them.

The eclectic design is a perfect reflection of this creative couple.

Chloe and Brandon were featured on HGTV's "Tiny House Big Living" show.