As seen in the video below, this poor man had quite a fright after his last dental appointment. Still suffering from the effects of his anesthesia, Bart surprised his family by going to bed with a roll of tape. When prompted about it by his wife, he tearfully explained he was keeping it handy because his head kept falling off. What's worse, he was afraid no one would be able to hear him if and when it happened again.

The hilarious video, which was only uploaded to YouTube a week ago, has already amassed nearly 2 million views. People suffering from anesthesia-induced hallucinations tend to make it big on social media, because of their nonsensical rants that are usually either filled with tears or extremely joyful.

Medical Daily likens anesthesia to cocaine in the sense that the chemicals involved are fairly similar to the drug's contents. These imaginative people are also most likely experiencing a sort of dream out loud, the blog post theorizes: Even a light anesthesia equates to a very profound sleep cycle, but the patient's awake state leads to a strange in-between condition where people could essentially be living through their dreams in a semiconscious way.

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