A touching video has gone viral, showing a hospice worker singing to an elderly patient. His performance of "How Great Thou Art" (below) is unsurprisingly breathtaking, and his posture and vocal range immediately indicate someone who has had proper vocal training. The Christian song, written by Carl G. Boberg and Stuart K. Hine, is particularly difficult, as well — it's not surprising to see the young man following the lyrics on a smartphone, but he more than does the melody justice regardless.

Marti Adkins Redmond, the patient's daughter-in-law, has however delivered a twist to the February 2016 story through Facebook: The patient, Mary, was a voice and piano teacher in her day and the aide singing to her, Joshua Woodard, was once one of her students. It's a beautiful, deeply moving twist of fate, that the woman's student would come back to both care for her and serenade her in what can be assumed is one of her final moments.

Nurses and aides singing to patients is not that uncommon; besides making for excellent viral videos, it is also confirmed to be an excellent way to reach out to non-communicative older patients. A Place for Mom explains music is of great help with getting through to patients suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, and other forms of illnesses that affect communication. Using songs that were popular in the patient's youth is usually an effective way to get them talking. Music can also be used specifically to put someone in a specific type of mood, the website says: Vintage pop songs can help stimulate old patients, which promotes physical movement, while classical ballads can help lessen agitation and anxiety.

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