Johannes Stötter is a self-taught Austrian artist renowned for his incredibly detailed and photorealistic style of body painting. His work has captivated audiences worldwide since he emerged on the scene at the 2009 World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, but he skyrocketed to fame with his 2013 tropical frog made up of five artfully arranged and expertly painted human bodies.
In the image below, Stötter camouflages his model among a pile of rocks. What's most impressive about this piece is how real the painted rocks appear — down to the little cracks and variations in color of each painstakingly crafted pebble. Scroll down to see if you can spot the model.

Though it may take a minute to recognize, the model is seamlessly blended in with the surrounding stones. If you still have trouble finding her, look for her facial features near the top of the image.

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