What Robb Scott overheard while out at the store didn't sit right with him, so he decided to do something about it. The 41-year-old was browsing through movies when he heard a nearby conversation between a father and his son. The child asked his father what Down syndrome was, and his father's response didn't satisfy Scott.
The father told his son that Down syndrome was an "illness" of "not knowing anything." Scott, the father of a 5-year-old with Down syndrome, was understandably upset by the father's explanation. Part of Scott wanted to approach the man and his son and explain to them what Down syndrome is, but he refrained. When the Nova Scotia native returned to his car, he took out his phone and recorded a tearful confession.


"I let that ignorance grow in another generation," Scott confessed, "and failed my son." The father went on to explain that Down syndrome is one of the "most beautiful things" in his life. "Just because you read slower or don't run as fast, doesn't mean you have a disability to me," Scott remarked. 

Down syndrome affects 1 in every 691 babies, according to the National Down Syndrome Society. The genetic disorder is characterized by developmental delays and learning disabilities, as well as a number of physical challenges.

Scott's video, in which he says Down syndrome is "fun, it's brilliant, it's amazing," has been viewed by over a million people. The father has received an overwhelming amount of support for speaking up. 

You can see the clip below.