The young musicians on talent-based reality TV shows are mesmerizing -- perhaps they remind us of our own teenage rock star fantasies or our niece who sings so beautifully in church. To see kids performing with an operatic range or working the crowd like a pop star fills us with amazement, hope, pride, and tears. Even professional musicians succumb to this human instinct: the video below highlights many of these moments, including the shock on one Ukrainian judge's face when she turns her chair to see that it's a very quiet-looking girl belting out a scat classic with a voice to rival Ella Fitzgerald herself.

But is it wise to put children into such a position? Not everyone thinks so -- win or lose, the kids are vulnerable to massive psychological impact from the judges' words. "It's not appropriate for people who have not reached full maturity to appear on these shows," Pippa Smith, former co-chair of Safermedia, told "Being rejected could cause quite long-lasting damage and problems with self-esteem." Even winning may not be the best thing, adds the Australian edition of "Telling any kid they're the next Justin Bieber basically translates to: 'you're the next crumbled mess everyone's going to hate.'"

With the increasing global popularity of kids' talent shows, it's a topic that will continue to be discussed. What do you think? Is it appropriate to put even talented kids in a position of public judgement? Let us know your opinion in the comments, and share this story with others to get their opinion.