Mixed martial arts fighter Miesha Tate recently made headlines after defeating Holly Holm and becoming the UFC Women's Bantamweight champion. But in the summer of 2014, Tate was in the news not for her moves in the octagon, but for her quick thinking during a vacation outing in Mexico. Tate and boyfriend Bryan Caraway treated Caraway's parents to a trip to Cancún, according to MMA Junkie.

One day, the group was out snorkeling when Caraway's mother, an asthmatic, passed out while trying to return to the boat on her own. The group panicked, contemplating all the possibilities as to why she was no longer breathing. Tate assumed it was an asthma attack, and after a failed CPR attempt, she sprung into action.


Tate picked up the spare inhaler. "Without even thinking about what it might do to her, she takes, like, 10 puffs of the inhaler and then starts giving my mom mouth-to-mouth," Caraway recounted. He initially worried that Tate was wasting precious medicine, but then he heard something. 

"You could hear the pop, and then she started breathing a little bit," Caraway told MMA Junkie. With no medical professional onboard the boat, it's very likely that this story could have ended in a tragic manner. But thanks to Tate's quick thinking, it's a tale that will never be forgotten.


No matter how Tate performs when it comes to her professional career, she'll always have a pretty impressive bullet point on the resume: lifesaver.