Fleetwood Mac's 'Rhiannon' is one of those undying, iconic tracks that will never cease to be amazing each time one hears it. Stevie Nicks wrote the track herself, and her robust voice originally defined the dreamy yet dark quality of 'Rhiannon.' There is an edge to Nicks's style that, coupled with urgent guitar riffs, gives the track an upbeat feeling, but the modern reimagining of the track in the video below shifts the song into a different realm. 

Alice Kristiansen and Jessie Marie Villa gave the track a different spin in the duet featured in the video below. Both possess airy, delicate voices that are much more subtle than Nicks's, giving the track a more relaxed and gentle feeling. Their harmonies are breathy and light - Kristiansen, with her crystal clear soprano, hits the high notes perfectly. Their combined tone quality and a slightly slower tempo than the original make for a listening experience that is sweetly haunting. 

Only fitting then, that Nicks wrote the song after being inspired by the book Triad by Mary Bartlet Leader - a novel in which the main character, Branwen, is possessed by a woman named Rhiannon. After writing the song, Nicks did a bit more research and discovered that Rhiannon was the name of a Welsh goddess whose characteristics matched the lyrics she had already written. According to the track's Wikipedia page, Nicks would sometimes start performances of the song by saying, "This is a song about an old Welsh witch."

The track, true to its namesake, has indeed bewitched countless listeners - so much so that young musicians are still performing it forty years later, trying to capture a piece of Stevie Nicks's magic for themselves. 

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