Memory loss is perhaps one of the more frightening symptoms associated with old age. It's one of the main symptoms of dementia, says Mayo Clinic. Those who suffer from dementia may have trouble remembering faces, names, and other information. Thus, when a woman called 911 in regards to her missing 81-year-old dementia-ridden mother, she must have been fearing the worst.

When the Charles County Sheriff's Office took the call, they immediately sent out a group of officers in search of the woman. They searched the nearby area surrounding the daughter's house for roughly an hour before they found the 81-year-old. She asked the uniformed men if they were out for a walk as well, before admitting that she was a bit lost. Officer Morrison grabbed hold of the woman's hand and escorted her back home.

"Along the way, the officers made small talk with the woman, to make her feel at ease," the Facebook post reads. The woman reportedly told the officers that the keys to a long life are eating well and exercising. Clearly she was fulfilling the latter when she went for a walk.

A touching photo of the officer holding hands with the woman has been shared over 50,000 times. See it below.