No parent ever wants to imagine their child going hungry at school. One Indiana farmer was so moved by the story of a hungry student at his son's school that he knew he had to do something. Jonathan Lawler has been tending to his sustainable, for-profit farm in Greenfield, Ind., for over seven years, as reported by USA Today. However, the day his son came home and told him that one of the kids at school had to take food home from the pantry, was the day major change set into motion for Lawler Farms. 
In a video produced by Humankind, Lawler describes the absurdity he'd felt when he heard that someone was going hungry in a farming town. He explains that there's nothing but farms on the way to his son's school and that it simply didn't make sense to have people within the community going without a meal. 

It didn't take long for Lawler to decide to start giving away some of his harvest to help feed the hungry. What started as a gentle tug on his heart has turned into a full-blown mission to supply food for those in need. According to USA Today, Lawler has transformed his farm into a nonprofit called Brandywine Creek Farms, and is attempting to donate 500,000 pounds of food in his first year of business. 

For more details on Lawler's farm-turned-nonprofit, watch the Humankind video below!