Since the 1970s the ideal family in the United States has consisted of two parents and 2.5 kids, Gallup reported. Though the average number of kids per family in the United States is actually closer to 3.14 according to Statista,  people who have more children than two or three are usually looked at as aberrant. Luckily, with the advent of reality television, some larger families are able to challenge the prevailing mindset by giving people a glimpse into their lives.
The Willis Clan is one of those large families that is changing the way America thinks about large families. The Willis’ consist of mom, Brenda, dad, Toby,  and 12 kids--four boys and eight girls-- who all have names that start with “J.” Residing near Nashville, Tenn., the thing that makes the Willis’ clan unusual is that they are all crazy talented. According to their official bio, they are “a family of amazing musicians, dancers, athletes, writers, and artists.” The clan first came to prominence on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. The family made it to the quarterfinals of the show before being eliminated. They went on to get their own show on The Learning Channel.

 The Willis’ recently showed off their dancing chops during the 2016 Country Dance World Championships where they performed an Irish-style dance routine for judges. Watch their amazing performance below.