A dash cam on a police vehicle caught a New Jersey police officer's dramatic rescue of a suicidal man. In the stunning footage, Riverdale Police Sergeant Greg Bogert jumped into action when the crying man started moving towards the edge of the overpass after running through traffic.
"I pull up, and I start to open up the door..." Bogert recalled to ABC 6 News, "The window's open, and I'm trying to talk to him, because I didn't want him to panic and take off on me."

But the man started running for the edge of the overpass, and that's when Sergeant Bogert leaped into action telling ABC 7 News, "I just started screaming, 'Don't do it, don't do it,' and just ran as fast as I could to stop him from jumping."

And his quick action saved the man's life. Sergeant Bogert was able to tackle the man to the ground, preventing him from jumping, and keep him there until backup arrived to bring the man to the hospital for evaluation. Police later confirmed the man was trying to take his own life after having family issues.

Watch the incredible heart-pounding rescue here: