While lots of performers have probably had "Britain's Got Talent" judge Simon Cowell in their theoretical crosshairs, Ben Blaque took things to a literal level involving the feisty judge in his crossbow routine during the 2016 preliminary auditions for the reality talent show. Luckily, Cowell survived to snipe another day.

"You had an opportunity to kill Simon Cowell and you blew it," judge David Walliams teased before praising Blaque's unusual talents and voting to send him forward in the competition. The remaining judges all gave their votes of confidence as well, providing Blaque with a unanimous graduation to the next round.

Blaque, a native of Springfield, Missouri, entered the British competition typically filled with singers and dancers proud of his unique, yet potentially deadly talent. "The thing about my act is everything is 100 percent real," Blaque said. "With that, there is a danger because if someone was to get hit by an arrow, they'd be having a very bad day.

However, Blaque's past indicates that Cowell knew a bit of Blaque's risky skills. Multiple news sources reported after the British broadcast that the young talent actually made it to the finals of the programs sister show, "America's Got Talent," also produced by Cowell.

Even though he praised Blaque's skills and unique performance later, Cowell did leave the stage expressing to the performer, "You are nuts." What do you think? Is this performance extremely talented or a little bit crazy? Pass it along so other's can see both Blaque and Cowell's brave performances.